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Sharpshooter Liquid Fertilizer ShoeSharpshooter Liquid Fertilzer Shoe

Our sharpshooters are designed to fit on John Deere boots, and case sdx scrapers.

Fertilizer placement: ¾” outside of seed furrow

For the first time you can safely and precisely band your liquid Nitrogen, Potassium & Sulfur away from your wheat seed at planting time. The Sharpshooter LS fits on your John Deere, Case IH and the new Amity Twin Row No-till seeders so you save time and money in your operation. The Sharpshooter puts more profit on your bottom line. Quantities are limited.

Contact Bigg Dogg Agg today – toll free 888.828.6784 for your local Sharpshooter LS dealers

INCLUDES:  Sharpshooter LS Liquid Fertilizer Shoe  Stainless Steel Bolts  Stainless Steel Tube

OPTIONS:   Check Valve   Drill Holes in Boot   New JD Boot

Printable flyer for Sharpshooter Liquid Fertilizer Shoe

Slideshooter already set up on an air-seeder.