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The Pod Agri-business Center

The Pod agri-business center Fargo

What is the POD Agri- Business Center?

The POD is a developing group of business professionals organizing for the completion and education of a single purpose,

Advancing Growers Resource Information-By Utilizing Services In Networked Environments Supplying Solutions” (AGRI_BUSINESS)

There is a literal forest of professionals in our industry who are doing a great job of providing goods and services to the growers and producers of today.  Accessing and processing that information can be challenging and overwhelming. A little like trying to drink from a Fire Hydrant.

The POD concept is working toward becoming a clearing house of information and a “Directory” for accessing services and Information. It is striving to provide a cooperative effort to gather and share industry information that will assist in identifying and communicating opportunities for growers, producers, manufacturers, professionals and tradesmen.
The POD, holds the developing seeds of the future, and is working towards providing an environment which nurtures productive growth.

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